Marilyn Stephenson

Marilyn Stephenson


Can finally do real push-ups!


Trained by TFL staff. Have been doing crossfit for 5 years now.

About Coach

I absolutely love functional fitness. I had always been a runner but TFL has taught be how to combine my passion for running with a love companionship. Working out as a group and encouraging each other is so much fun. I love to encourage others and that is absolutely my goal at the gym each day.

Turning Point

I was bored with fitness. Running helped me clear my mind but a typical gym never made sense to me. Way too boring. I remember doing burpees for the first time. I thought I was going to die. Now I can do several within a complex workout and take minimal breaks. Fitness is fun again at TFL.

Motivation & Passion

Right now I coach kids Saturday morning. Helping children to realize they are capable and teaching them to properly use the equipment is so fun. They are such fast learners who want to be there. It is an absolute blast!

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